Denbigh Road Armadale Auction Review

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Over the weekend I was in another top 10 suburb, the posh Armadale. Boasting incredible and easy access to the CBD, shopping strip, cafes and restaurants it also has very expensive homes and units alike.

Number 12 Denbigh Road was one of those homes which oozed character and style and of course expensive taste. The architectural renovations done on this Victorian beauty were of the highest standard. The bedrooms large, plush carpets throughout and family living area oozing style and class would make even me feel at home.

In terms of locations, Denbigh is not one of the better ones in the area. Quoted at mid to high $3million it was always going to be a battle to achieve a result, despite the 50 strong crowd of onlookers.

The auctioneer doing his best to sell the location and the home the property struggled to attract a bid after an initial vendor bid of $3.7million. After the obligatory chat with the vendors to give them the bad news the agent managed to extract a genuine bid from one interested buyer at $3.775mil and that’s where it finished. No sold sticker and no sale. But all was not done. Sunday morning’s review of the weekend’s results showed the property had in fact sold for an undisclosed sum, there you go!


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