Melbourne Auction Results – 14th December, 2015

Sydney wins the first prize for being the most expensive city in Australia to pay off a mortgage! In this week’s market wrap we look at what your earning capacity needs to be to comfortably service a home loan in...
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Lynden Street Camberwell Auction Review

This week’s mission was to secure a knock down and build property located at 18 Lynden St, Camberwell. The search process had taken us a few months as we tried to buy the right property at or below market price....
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Melbourne Auction Results – 7th December 2015

Has the heat gone out of Melbourne’s property market? Quality suburbs are experiencing some ugly results with agents reporting low clearance rates, some at 50%. One agent describing the market at the moment as a “feast or famine” situation. Peter...
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Melbourne Auction Results – 30th November 2015

Are we facing a Sydney style correction which will see property prices free fall in Melbourne or is this just a seasonal adjustment? In this week’s market wrap Peter Sarmas examines Melbourne’s property market. He looks at interest rates, the...
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Harold Street Thornbury Auction Review

We managed to sell three properties last week for our vendors, two the previous Saturday and one we decided to sell before auction last Wednesday. The story I’m about to tell not only sums up the current property market but...
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