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Vendor Advocacy – Initial Consultation:

As one of Melbourne’s most trusted vendor advocacy service, we are here to help you plan a strategy to get the most out of selling your home. Our 1 Hour Property Consultation is FREE with NO OBLIGATION.

In our initial meeting we review your personal needs and situation. We sit down with you and listen to your wants and needs/goals as well as address any concerns you may have about the sales process.

In his way, we make sure that our vendor advocacy services align with your goals.

We explain carefully how our vendor advocacy service works and why we are different from other vendor advocates in Melbourne and real estate agents. We also explain how this service benefits only our client, the seller.

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Review Your Home and Advise:

During our initial FREE consultation, we carefully review and consider the appearance of your home, inside and out. We take considerable notes about your home and offer suggestions on how to best present the property during the sale. We leave no stone unturned and are extremely thorough.

Where required we can also provide numerous highly skilled trades which have been tried and proven. This includes painters, carpenters, carpet layers as well as handymen.

We can also provide the services of a property stylist at no extra cost to you. They can review your property and offer further advice on how to best present the home to improve the photography and attract a greater number of buyers when on the market.

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Finding the Best Agent for You:

Once we know the vendor’s expectations, we will find the best agent who can work with us and the client to maximise the property price.

When finding and choosing the best agent, it’s not the agency and the brand we engage but the agent who will be most trusted and suited to helping the owner achieve the best market price. We believe this is the first major step in our vendor advocacy role for our seller which ensures the process of running a successful sale.

We shortlist three agents which view the property first then we conduct a one on face-to-face interview with each one, asking them pertinent questions about price, commission, marketing, target market etc. We then provide the owner three digital reports which including the agent’s opinion of value, a proposed marketing plan with costs and commission.

While this process can take time it is thorough and identifies the agent who is going to negotiate the best result, is going to be effective, has strong communication skills and can work hard to maximise the selling price.

By making this selection process so rigorous, the decision of finding the right agent is made that much easier and eliminates any added pressure of making a mistake.

We believe this is the first major step in our vendor advocacy role for our seller which ensures the process of running a successful sale.

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Running the Marketing Campaign:

Although most copywriters have the best intention when writing the advertisement for your home, we consistently find they miss key selling points about your home which could cost you thousands.

During our initial meeting with you where we viewed and discussed your home, we identify the best features of your home which would attract the highest number of buyers and competition.

In the ad copy we highlight these important features in the heading and opening sentence and paragraph. We make sure, in consultation with you that everything you love about your home and location is highlighter and not left out.

It’s not just set and forget with our vendor advocacy service. We strategically order certain types of photos which have been proven to attract a greater number of buyers online.

Once the ad copy and photos have been completed and sent for proofing and in consultation with you, we make changes any adjustments required then select the best photos for marketing

We are highly detailed and make sure your home is presented online in the best possible way.

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Strong Reporting and Communication:

One of the biggest complaints home sellers tell us when they sell their home is the lack of communication from the agent.

Working with our vendor advocacy service the selected agent must guarantee that they will call after every open to report on the numbers and feedback.

The agents we choose are also required to send a weekly feedback report and have multiple meetings either in person or via a conference call/Zoom to discuss the progress of the sale.

As well as this, we communicate with our sellers at least 3-4 times a week and promptly return calls and texts.

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Negotiating with the Vendor:

Whether the property is being sold via Auction or Private Sale/ Expression of Interest we will always stand by the vendor’s side to ensure they achieve the maximum price and settlement to suit their situation. Using our vendor advocacy service the owner will have over 25 years experience alongside them to ensure the best result.

We are highly trained in the art of negotiation, having commenced and trained as a real estate agent under the Jenman system. We have undertaken numerous negotiating, psychological and body language courses and have conducted thousands of hours of role play to become proficient at negotiations.

During the campaign we track the enquiry and website numbers as well as look at what other properties are competing against the seller’s home. We also look at what is happening in the market from an economic level. To make the right decision on price it is important to be well informed.

When it comes to negotiating at Auction or Private Sale the vendor will be fully aware as to who the interested buyers are, their price range, settlement and deposit terms.

We will then advise the vendor when to put the property on the market if at auction and strategise during negotiations to ensure the buyers are pushed to their maximum price.

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Assisting in Liaising and Final Inspection:

Our job doesn’t end when you are sold.

Unlike other vendor advocates in Melbourne and real estate agents the home owner will continue to hear from us until after the property has settled.

The property sale may be subject to finance and or a building inspection, which is very common in a private sale situation.

Our job is to chase these outstanding conditions so that the contract is fulfilled unconditionally and the risk is minimised while still on the market. Getting this wrong could not only cost the owner a sale but also the loss of the advertising campaign which could be in the thousands of dollars.

We also follow up with the agent to ensure the deposit is paid in full and has cleared and sitting in the real estate agent’s trust account.

If a Section 27 has been acknowledged by the buyer we ensure that the deposit is released 28 days after signing or being served. For some people having an early release of this money is very important as they may have bills to pay or need to use the money for their next purchase.

One or two weeks from settlement the buyer will call to book a time for a final inspection, we also arrange this in coordination with vendor and the agent. If there is an issue found we will act on the vendor’s behalf and work with the solicitor/conveyancer work to ensure a favourable outcome so that the purchaser does not pull out of the sale.

On settlement day we will advise the owner when this has been affected. We ensure that settlement has occurred successfully and that you have received the funds in your account as expected.

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